TATA Steel UK Ltd ~ Stocksbridge

Client: TATA Steel UK Ltd.

Site: TATA Steel Stocksbridge ~ Billet Mill, Bay 1 ~ South Yorskhire.

Crane Rail Alignment/Refurbishment Project.

Job Description: Re-Align and Re-Clip 2 x 252 metres of section MRS 86 Crane Rail.

Information on Job Site: TATA Steel Stocksbridge specialise in the production of high grade and special steels for the worlds leading companies in markets ranging from automotive to aerospace, civil engineering to component manufacturing, energy industries to consumer goods.

In the Billet Mill, Bay 1 Crane Rail Installations UK Ltd, re-aligned 2 x 252 metres of long travel MRS 86 Crane Rails and re placed 1260 No. 9220/20 complete clip assemblies.

Feedback from Client:

” I have discussed the works with CRI site supervisors on lots of occasions throughout the period along with talking with other CRI employees, to inform them of how impressed I have been with the level of work being carried out along with accuracy, responsibility and tidiness of their work. They are an asset to your business and I would take great pleasure in working with them again on a similar project”

– Christopher Cowling

Project Engineering Manager

TATA Steel Stocksbridge.