Installation of Crane Rail Systems

There are numerous Crane Rail Systems that require different installation methods, with individual design and application constraints. However these applications vary, they all share one similarity, that all applications must be installed to the correct tolerances, industry standard BS466 – Appendix F – ISO: 1248-1-2012 and accurately installed to ensure maximum uninterrupted service life.

To ensure a succesful installation process Crane Rail Installations UK Ltd must;

  • Identify the correct crane capacity and service conditions
  • Establish all details of rail track, supporting structure and any particular site requirements, which may affect the design.
  • Correct rail section, fixings, (pad if required) and supporting materials.

Crane Rail Installations are able to supply the following;

  • Crane rail lengths to suit any application ranging typically from 6 to 12 metres.
  • Mitre cut or machined to specific design and size.
  • A range of steel grades from 690 to 880N/mm
  • Curved rails.
  • Drilled or undrilled.
  • Modified by design.
  • Rail clips weldable or bolted.
  • Crane rail pads.
  • Soleplates to suit the application(Adjustable Soleplates/Steel Soleplates)
  • Fish bolts and fishplates.
  • Anchor Bolts.
  • Grout.

We have a committed workforce who maintain the excellent reputation that we have held in the industry for over 52 years. Successful installation depends on the commitment and skills of our engineers and impeccable site management.